My Butt is Sore

10:00PM last night: Went on the bus to Saigon from Long Xuyen

3:00AM: Arrive in Saigon then went to sleep at company apartment

8:00AM: Wake up to work and finish prepping my GRACES values training for career panel presenters.

12:40PM: Quick coffee stop. Also bought cheesecake and tiramisu because I couldn’t resist 😛

1:00PM: Training began for people from various companies such as Talisman Energy, some fashion company, and a few others that I forgot. These people will be siting on the career panel at the two summer camps so my role is to train them on GRACES values, which is the central theme of the camp as well as workshop guidelines and how they should answer FAQS in way that is understandable and relevant to the girls who will be in attendance.

–> GRACES stands for Gratitude, Respect, Accountability, Courage, Engagement, and Safety. Each value is extremely important for us all to embody and practice everyday. I would love to go into further detail about each one and why it is the central theme of the camp. Those are values we wish for all volunteers and staff to embody throughout camp and all activities and workshops shall reflect them and the girls shall take away those values from the camp. My favorite part of the presentation was when I reached the part about the 6 different types of courage. Maybe I will do a separate post on GRACES because I truly believe in their importance and impact (just so tired right now).

3:30PM: Finished training and left company to go get some PIZZA HUT. I honestly have had Pizza Hut more here than when I am in the States. Somehow I just keep craving it… My coworker has never had it so I took her there. She loved it, but her stomach was only able to handle one slice of pizza due to the cheese, LOL more for me!

5:15PM: Arrived at bus stop to head back to Long Xuyen office. Found the lady I usually buy bread from (it’s seriously so fresh and delicious) and bartered and got my delicious bread. ^_^

9:50PM: Arrived in Long Xuyen.

DONEEEZOOOOO. I wish the bus had wifi so that so much time wouldn’t be wasted each time I have to travel back and forth to the city though. It was a good day being back in Saigon for a bit because it’s so lively compared to Long Xuyen.

This week at the office has been super hectic since the first summer camp will begin this weekend! Wooot!



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