Vietnam I Love You!

Love is in the air. I love these notes and gifts from my amazing campers. Trying to sort through each one. At least this will allow me to practice reading in Vietnamese. <3

Love is in the air. I love these notes and gifts from my amazing campers. Trying to sort through each one. At least this will allow me to practice reading in Vietnamese. ❤

Last night in Vietnam… just read the notes that the staff at Long Xuyen put together for me and I want to cry. I also went through the notes from all the campers, and those made me want to cry too. I’m going to miss everyone so much. Every single one of them left a footprint and a huge impact on my life and my future endeavors.  I seriously adore and love the staff that I had the pleasure of working with, the university volunteers that helped out at camp, and the amazing young campers and scholarship recipients. Vietnam has been nothing but amazing to me: the food is cheap and delicious, the people are friendly and cute (minus that one trickster who lied about boat tickets), the culture is booming and bountiful, the city thrives with the working class and continuous economical development, and the countryside is gorgeous and fruitful.

I probably can’t survive too long in the countryside though. The mosquitoes will feed on me until I rot and I don’t enjoy the fob squat too much. All that adds to the experience though, and that’s what I enjoy about being in different areas and experiencing different living conditions. I appreciate and respect the environment and people here a lot. The Vietnamese people are hardworking and persistent: they will bombard you with questions and try to ask if you want this and that. People may ignore and yell, but I usually just respectfully decline because really, they’re just normal people trying to make a living. No need for me to get aggressive. It doesn’t resolve any situation and treating others the way I want to be treated has brought upon plenty of good relationships and karma. I’ve met many friendly and helpful people while travelling alone or with others here.

I still have so many adventures that I need to post but regrettably never had the time. Therefore I will continue to use this blog to post about my trip and relive some pretty great memories that I never had the chance to share yet!

Oh, I also got a bacterial eye infection. Of course everything would go smoothly until my last few days here. It’s as if Vietnam wanted to leave a scar for me because it’s been too good otherwise. As for  the eye infection,  I noticed the white spot last night. I knew it had to be bacteria colonizing my eye, so first thing today I went to the eye doctor at the American Eye Center. I was right about the infection, and the doctor said that luckily I got it looked at right away or it could’ve resulted in vision damage. Oh lord, thank goodness for sterilizing drops and hopefully my eye will get better!


3 thoughts on “Vietnam I Love You!

  1. I can’t believe your trip is already over! 😦 You had like 5 blog posts. lol

    With that said… I can’t wait to see you again and hear about all your adventures IN PERSON. I am soooo glad that you are safe and got that eye taken care of!

  2. LOL I know… I wish I could’ve posted more while I was there but I was always up early and by the time I got back I was always super tired and just knocked out. Can’t believe its been over a month already. I miss you too, can’t wait to see you!!!

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